Kelowna, BC

Pier Pressure 2010. Kelowna, BC.


Pressure Washing Kelowna, 2010
Pure Pressure. Mini truck used for advertising and small graffiti removal jobs in Kelowna.
Pure Pressure Kelowna, 2010.  Pressure washing Okangan Valley properties


F150. Kelowna pressure washing specialists vehicle - Pure Pressure Power Washing and Graffiti Removal


Pressure washing the Okangan Valley.  Pure Pressure truck and trailer

Pure Pressure was created at the beginning of 2010 by current owners Allan Moison & Jared Goosen under the name Pier Pressure, which provided dock and beach maintenance services.  

With a specialized background in graffiti removal, Pure Pressure was also created at the same time.  The direction of focus quickly became clear that graffiti removal would be the cornerstone of the company and Pure Pressure - Power Washing and Graffiti Removal.

After a couple years of building a company based on quality work and service, pressure washing was the next step.  Within a couple years, they became the pressure washing contractor for the City of Kelowna.  With growth came changes, which meant expanding and upgrading equipment that could service their demand. By retiring some of the older vehicles, mobility and image in the Okangan continues to grow with regular and happy customers.

In 2014, the GraffitiZero program, which guarantees zero graffiti on a property at a flat monthly rate, was introduced to the Downtown Penticton Association.  Penticton and the DPA businesses have been graffiti free since then and is the only city in BC's interior that can say their downtown area has no graffiti! 

In 2019 Pure Pressure separated the graffiti removal from pressure washing and created a new company called Remove My Graffiti. 

Graffiti removal Kelowna.  First piece of graffiti removed by Pure Pressure
After photo of first piece of graffiti removed by Pure Pressure in 2010, Kelowna, BC


Pure Pressure fleet vehicle.  Pressure washing and graffiti removal specialists in the Okanagan Valley